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Our Battlecry: BEST in LIGAO
Building Effective Schools Today via Learners' Improvement and Growth in Achievements and Outcomes
Let’s Creat a RIOT
           Ligao City Division Schools Division Superintendent Diosdado M. San Antonio
is back after almost 5 months of absence due to his participation in the Asia Pacific
Leadership Program (APLP) in Hawaii, USA, August to December, 2008. He was back
in the Philippines late December, 2008 but due to Christmas break, he reported to
his office January 5, first day of classes, 2009.

         “Welcome Sir Dads!” filled the corridor of his office as each one eagerly
reached his hand to say “Good morning and Welcome”. He delivered a short
message which everybody has listened to after the Monday morning ritual. This was
followed by meetings (in batches) with the heads of the different departments then
the Promotional Staff. The meeting was a sharing of experiences between him and
the staff. A lot of new things from his travel were shared which touched the hearts of
many especially when he handed to us this humble letter which he wrote that goes…

                                             Let’s Create a RIOT

         The onset of 2009 means many things for us in DepED-Ligao City.  After
almost five months of absence due to my participation in the Asia Pacific Leadership
Program (APLP) in Hawaii, USA, I gladly rededicate myself to the pursuit of our battle
cry: Building Effective Schools Today in LIGAO City.

         As educators, we are all aware that human beings are imperfect and all of us
are capable of growing into better creations of the Lord.  I have been informed about
the areas upon which I need to improve and I am grateful to those who have given
such a feedback.  I apologize to those who have been hurt by my previous
manifestations of imperfection (uncaring words and actions) and I appeal for another
chance to show that I never take things personally; everything is taken in the spirit of

         We also know that to improve ourselves, we have to constantly learn new ways
of doing things.  One of the key APLP concepts I wish to implement as we work
together again to make the best possible learning experiences for the youngsters we
serve in this fast-growing city is the idea of creating a RIOT. Yes, I wish to make all of
us value Respect, Intentionality, Optimism and Trust as we carry out our respective
duties and responsibilities as public servants in the field of education.

Respect makes us recognize that each person is worthy.  Everyone is able,
valuable and responsible.  We may not agree with the way others think and behave
but let us disagree in an agreeable manner.  Let us all believe that everyone has a
worthwhile contribution to make.

Intentionality enables us to purposely act in a certain way, to achieve and
carry out a set goal.  In our work, this is about transforming the youngsters we serve
into functionally literate, numerate and productive global citizens.  I commit to further
strengthen the provision of opportunities for everyone to be involved in making
decisions.  We shall all intentionally create the environment, space and relationship
that invite others to contribute.

Optimism imbues us with the belief that people have untapped potential for
growth and development.  Let us assume the best in others.  We shall always
anticipate positive outcomes for all our efforts and initiatives.

Trust gives us the confidence in the abilities and integrity of ourselves and
others.  Trust is earned.  It refers to a work group’s generalized expectancy that the
words, actions, and promises of another individual, group, or organization can be
relied upon.  

         I acknowledge that I have never consistently exemplified the aforementioned
guidelines for action.  But these are the key values I now consider paramount in
performing my tasks.  Please help me create a RIOT in DepED-Ligao City.  Please
feel free to remind me about these guidelines for action every time you perceive my
behavior as being inconsistent with being respectful, intentional, optimistic and

         May God Bless Us always!!! MABUHAY!!!

                                                        DIOSDADO M. SAN ANTONIO
                                                      Schools Division Superintendent
                                                                 5 January 2009

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