The Division of Ligao City is a new school division, the 13th in Region V that started its
operation on March 1, 2003. It became a full -pledged division on September 27,2003 with Dr.
Alice I. Terrell as its Schools Division Superintendent. From March 15, 2007 to the present, this
Division is headed by Dr. Diosdado M. San Antonio, Schools Division Superintendent. His staff
is composed of nine (9) full- pledged Education Supervisors,two (2) Education
Supervisors-Designate and an acting ASDS who is a Superintendent eligible in the absence of
a Plantilla item for said position. The latter is concurrently the BAC Chairman. The only other
regular Plantilla items are two(2) clerks and three(3) administrative aides.

   In order to give the clientele quality service expected of the office, the following personnel
were assigned on concurrent capacity in as much as there are no regular Plantilla items yet for
such positions:

 PSDS          ---------------------------        Administrative Officer                       
 MT-1           ---------------------------        Disbursing Officer       
 SST-111     ---------------------------        Records Officer   
 ES-1            ---------------------------        Planning Officer
 ES-1            ---------------------------        HRMO
 T-111          ---------------------------        Suplly Officer

   The employees appointed as casuals are an accountant, a bookkeeper, three(3) clerks and
three(3) utility workers.

   The field personnel is composed of five hundred four (504) elementary school teachers and
forty nine (49) school heads and two hundred forty four (244) secondary school teachers and
ten (10) school heads.

   The Division Office is housed in an old building purchased by the City Government which is
strategically located in the heart of the City.   

                                                     Prepared by:

                                                 CARLITO R. BONI
                                    BAC Chairman/ASDS(Designate)
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