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Our Battlecry: BEST in LIGAO
Building Effective Schools Today via Learners' Improvement and Growth in Achievements and Outcomes
The First in the South:
5TH Regular Division MANCOM Meeting, CY 2008

      November 10 & 11, 2008 marked a milestone in the history of the coastal area of
the Division of Ligao City. These are the days when the long-overdue planned
Regular Division MANCOM Meeting at the coast finally came to flesh. A total of 82
participants under the leadership of Dr. Gilbert T. Sadsad, Schools Division
Superintendent-Officer in Charge, attended the activity and was accommodated at
Cabarian High and Elementary Schools respectively.

    The challenge was laid during the Special Division MANCOM Meeting at Ligao
West Central Elementary School (B) last September 22, 2008. Honor was given to
Catburawan Elementary School and was cordially accepted by the head, Mr.
Fernando Murillo. A week after, a change of plan emerged that lead to the change of
venue, thus to Cabarian Elementary School.

    The absence of a conference hall at the elementary prompted the conception of a
joint hosting with the high school; hence the meeting proper at the high school and
the accommodation at the elementary school.
    Believing in the strong partnership of the school and the community, the planning
phase was spearheaded by the school heads, Mrs. Mercy Alapad and Mrs. Joan B.
Quipid, and the head of the barangay, Brgy. Capt. Danilo Satona. Each leader took
charge of a particular concern; Mrs. Alapad for the MANCOM Proper, Mrs. Quipid for
the accommodation and night socials and Mr. Satona for the cleanliness and
maintenance of peace and order.

    Teachers, GPTCA school boards and the barangay council composed the
different committees formed to ensure proper coordination and smooth flow of
planned activities for the visitors. Quarters were labeled properly and beddings were
provided so that everybody finds a place to rest and feel comfortable. Foods and
drinks were prepared and served for the night socials. The shore was secured for the
swimmers and a videoke machine was provided for the singing enthusiasts. Ushers
and usherettes assigned attended to visitors’ needs from the time of arrival up to the
departure in the early morning of the following day while the barangay police stayed
at their posts 24 hours to provide security and safety.

    Early morning of November 11, made their stay more exciting and healthy as they
walked and jogged their way to Catburawan Elementary School along the shore.
Breakfast was served and ample time was given to the participants to fix themselves
before the next activity started. At 8 o’clock, everybody was ready for the opening
program, followed closely by the continuation of the MANCOM meeting, and the
session for the Division Education Development Plan (DEDP) which was facilitated by
the SDS-OIC himself, Dr. Sadsad.

   The day’s activity concluded at 2:30 in the afternoon, giving way for the
participants to shop for fresh fish and other sea foods available in the community
before they finally headed their way back home.

   The distance from the Ligao City proper and location of the venue was viewed as a
threat for the plan’s abortion. Many, if not all, bet for its postponement as it happened
twice in the past. This however, did not dishearten the coastal people. In fact, this
challenged, all the more, the coastal heads and teachers leading them to be one in
the realization of this endeavor.

Joan B. Quipid


Ligao City